The consultation has now finished - decision to be shared by the end of Wednesday 26th June


How has this come about?

Who is involved?

The Wroxham School has been considering future plans to ensure the stability of the school and what it stands for.

The Ivy Learning Trust encompasses six schools - Lavender, Churchfield, Eastfield, Larkspur, Brimsdown and Walker.  All schools currently and moving forward, are in Enfield and South Hertfordshire - making them geographically close.

This period of consultation will make sure that all possible questions have been thought of and adequately answered, allowing both parties to make the correct decision about a merger.

The Trustees of The Wroxham School discussed the possibility of consultation and have arrived at a decision to investigate further:

'The Wroxham School Trustees have decided to commence a consultation with all stakeholders about Wroxham School potentially joining the Ivy Learning Trust, a multi academy trust.  The consultation will allow the trustees to consider stakeholder views and all factors involved in joining the Trust to enable the trustees to make an informed decision for the future and best interests of The Wroxham School.'


Why merge?

The national educational climate is currently difficult and there is a concept that working with the support of others can really support stability, as well as school improvement.  

The Teaching School at Wroxham is a strong provision, however, National funding has made this area considerably harder to maintain - again, the collaboration approach could potentially support the longevity of the Teaching School.

The Wroxham School and The Ivy Learning Trust appear to share a number of core values and principles, which is not so common in the current education climate.

It is hoped by merging, it will become possible to access increased sources of funding that would not be possible being a stand alone, one form entry academy.


Please use the Parent Meetings or the email address below to ask any questions during the consultation

This section will be populated throughout the consultation.  Any questions asked will be included in here and answered as soon as we find out the relevant information.



Click here to access the Q&A page.


Risks of the merger

There will be a number of risks associated with the merger of The Wroxham School with The Ivy Learning Trust.

It is the role of the Governors at The Wroxham to investigate all risks, reporting back with any findings, to ensure an overall picture of the possible merger.

The Wroxham School will use all available resources and recent experiences of schools like Walker School (who joined in April 2019) to find out the answers to all questions posed, from parents, children, governors and staff.

The consultation period will run from the 8th of May 2019 until the 24th of June, with the Governors at The Wroxham meeting on the 25th of June to review the consultation.

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